Take a look around. You'll find some really great resources, both print and video, for doctors, teachers, parents and students.

Awareness Posters

Awareness Videos

Coaches Training Video


Winner of the Marcom Platinum Award in 2014 for E Learning, our coach training video, narrated by NBC Analyst, Jimmy Roberts, informs coaches about the warning signs and actions steps taken to prevent an address sudden cardiac arrest.

Heartsavers Music Video


Heartsavers is a Ghostbusters inspired music video that introduces students to the important tools of CPR and AED devices. Heartsavers also comes with a curriculum. In a fun ten minutes, you can teach your students some lifesaving lessons.


Medical Bag

Seattle Criteria Training Module
This criteria was developed by a panel of experts to increase the effectiveness of ECG exams on student athletes. Follow this link to watch the training modules.

Screening Day Guide
Simon's Fund subscribes to the Seattle Criteria. These forms are used by our cardiology team at screenings.



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