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    Saving the lives of children through screenings and intervention is the only goal of Simon’s Fund.

    Simon’s Fund Goals

    Our definition of success is when heart screenings become a standard of care for children.   Think about it.  Since your child was born, how many diagnostic tests have been performed?  A lot.  Why not the heart?  On our our way to achieving this goal, we’ll focus on a few other things too.

    SIMON’S FUND EDUCATES parents, students, teachers, coaches and medical professionals about the conditions and risks of sudden cardiac arrest and premature death in children.

    SIMON’S FUND ADVOCATES in Harrisburg and Washington about preventing sudden cardiac arrest among our children.  Our latest success is the passage of The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act (HB1610) in Harrisburg.

    SIMON’S FUND SCREENS the hearts of thousands of children in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Our data shows that one out of every 100 students screened discovers a potentially-fatal heart condition.

    SIMON’S FUND INNOVATES by introducing new programs to prevent sudden cardiac arrest and death in our children.  We are checking the hearts of all newborns, a first-of-its-kind program, at the Corrine R. Santerian Newborn Center at the Abington Memorial Hospital.

    SIMON’S FUND COLLABORATES with world-class institutions including Abington Memorial Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals.

    SIMON’S FUND FUNDS research projects and medical fellowships to promote the study and advancement of sudden cardiac arrest prevention in children.

    SIMON’S FUND EMPOWERS kids to help other kids through student-sponsored heart screenings (mitzvah projects) and the Simon’s Fund Valentine’s Day Cookie Sale.  In our view, there is nothing more inspiring that to see one child help another.

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