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    Sigma Delta Tau Alumnae of the Year

    Today, our co-founder, Phyllis Sudman, was honored by Sigma Delta Tau as the Alumnae of the Year for her work with Simon’s Fund. She was introduced by Lori Fair, and accepted the award in front of 300 plus sorority sisters. We are so proud of her and are pleased to share her acceptance speech. Lori…. See More


    The Lesson of Isaiah Austin

    As kids, how many of you dreamed of making the winning shot, throwing the winning touchdown or hitting the winning homerun? Isaiah Austin, big man for the Baylor Bears did that already. He just finished up his collegiate career and was about to check off another dream – getting drafted to play in the NBA…. See More


    Awareness Du Jour

    CPR/AED Awareness Week is underway. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a very easy lifesaving technique that helps pump blood through the body when the heart stops beating.  An automated external defibrillator (AED) is an automated device that assesses the heartbeat of a patient and then delivers a life-saving shock, if needed.  If someone is in cardiac… See More


    Op Ed – Don’t Judge a Book

    This past week, many parents in the Greater Philadelphia area learned what I learned almost ten years ago – sudden cardiac arrest isn’t just an adult thing. It takes the lives of thousands of children every year. Two students, an eighth grader from Harrington Middle School in Mount Laurel, and a first grader from Andrew… See More


    What Does a Mom Say?

    Ding ding ding? No, that’s a fox. So, what did your mom say? Did she have a go-to phrase, quote or cliche? I don’t remember if my mother had one (which won’t surprise my mother at all). However, in trying to think of one, and knowing that we are having our first-ever Mother’s Day Weekend… See More


    The Financial and Emotional Costs of Heart Screenings

    As I write this, Mason Tellez, a track athlete from Whittier High School, remains hospitalized.  According to a statement by his mother, he collapsed during practice with an undetected heart condition.  “He remains in serious condition, but at this point is breathing on his own.” Our prayers and thoughts are with Mason and his family…. See More


    Good Wife and Real Life

    This week, television audiences were stunned when Will Gardner, a main character in The Good Wife, was murdered.  Gone, in an instant. Typically, we get warnings about this kind of stuff.  The actor is sick and needs to leave.  The actor wants to pursue movies and needs to leave.  The story shifts, there is talk… See More


    Today, My Heart is in Michigan

    I grew up in Ohio. I graduated from Ohio State. I met my wife there.  I love the Buckeyes.  However, today, as they hold the funeral service for Ryan Fischer, my heart is in Michigan.  Ryan was Grandville’s hockey team captain and he died from an enlarged heart on the eve of the state championship…. See More


    Pediatric Poster Campaign

    Heart Month may be coming to an end, but the battle to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and death in children is a year-round effort.  The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that two thousand U.S. children die every year from sudden cardiac arrest.  A study from the Mayo Clinic shows that it is responsible… See More


    Remarks – BBYO International Convention

    This was one of the most special presentations to date. We shared our story with 1,800 students from around the world and then introduced them to Dana Vollmer. The day, known as Stand UP Day, is dedicated to community service. All of the students learned CPR and then taught it to middle school students. The setting was… See More