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    CoFounders’ Soiree Message

    It’s been ten years since Simon died. Today, he would have been in the fourth grade. They say that time heals everything. This cliche is completely false. Time gives us the opportunity to make choices. It gives us the room to live in darkness or seek out light. It gives us the freedom to open…


    Reflections from the Red Carpet

    L’OREAL PARIS WOMEN OF WORTH 2014   We met Karen Fondu, President, and Malena Higurea, CMO, at L’Oreal’s corporate headquarters that morning. We learned about how the selection process went from 3,400 applicants to thirty finalists to ten honorees. Every honoree took a few minutes sharing their story with the L’Oreal team. Tears were shed. This lasted about…


    Phyllis’ Speech at Women of Worth Gala

    I am an award show junkie. I watch the Oscars, Tonys, AMAs, Grammys, People’s Choice. I watch them all. This is by far the most unbelievable award show. Thank you L’Oreal Paris for creating such a meaningful program, and for allowing me to be a part of it. I want to thank my fellow Women…


    AHA Report on ECG Screening Drops the Ball

    Screen Across America is a consortium of organizations that provide youth heart screenings in the United States. The group includes integrated health care systems, hospitals, universities, private medical practices, businesses and foundations. Based on our experiences in screening hundreds of thousands of children, and changing thousands of lives, we believe that youth heart screenings with…


    Most Wonderful Time

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For most, the beginning of August prompts visions of school buses, chaotic activity schedules, and of course, the Staples commercial where dad is skipping down the aisle tossing supplies into his cart and counting the days until school begins. I still have those visions, but now they…


    What is the Price of a Child’s Life by Katie Asper

    How do you know when your mission makes sense? When you can see the impact you’ve had on the lives of children. Katie Asper is one of those students. She attended a heart screening and discovered a heart condition. Then, she started giving back and raising awareness. Below is a paper that she submitted in school….


    Healthcare Like an Egyptian

    Dear Pharoah: I recently read that the Detmold Child died from a heart condition. I’m so sorry. I know that he’s been dead for 6,500 years; however, I’m just getting the news. It’s absolutely incredible that scientists today could examine a mummy and conclude that the cause of death was heart related. Did you know…


    Sigma Delta Tau Alumnae of the Year

    Today, our co-founder, Phyllis Sudman, was honored by Sigma Delta Tau as the Alumnae of the Year for her work with Simon’s Fund. She was introduced by Lori Fair, and accepted the award in front of 300 plus sorority sisters. We are so proud of her and are pleased to share her acceptance speech. Lori….


    The Lesson of Isaiah Austin

    As kids, how many of you dreamed of making the winning shot, throwing the winning touchdown or hitting the winning homerun? Isaiah Austin, big man for the Baylor Bears did that already. He just finished up his collegiate career and was about to check off another dream – getting drafted to play in the NBA….


    Awareness Du Jour

    CPR/AED Awareness Week is underway. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a very easy lifesaving technique that helps pump blood through the body when the heart stops beating.  An automated external defibrillator (AED) is an automated device that assesses the heartbeat of a patient and then delivers a life-saving shock, if needed.  If someone is in cardiac…