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    Sudden Cardiac Arrest Takes Another: Daniel Valenson, Lacrosse

    A University High School senior died Tuesday after collapsing at a lacrosse practice a day earlier, according to the school’s principal.

    The student, Daniel Valenson, was in his first year at University High but already had made a “huge impact,” principal Mike Armbruster said in a message to parents. He moved here from New York during the summer.  “He was the kind of kid who you would want your son or daughter to be friends with,” said Casey McDonald, University’s lacrosse coach. “He was well-spoken and well-liked…a stand-up kid.”  McDonald said Valenson was interested in an engineering career. “He was a heck of a good student…He was a student first and an athlete second.”

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    One Response to “Sudden Cardiac Arrest Takes Another: Daniel Valenson, Lacrosse”

    1. Joseph Valenson says:

      My son Daniel’s death came without warning. From the time he first learned to crawl until he collapsed during Lacrosse practice, he was always an active child. During his lifetime, there was never any indication he had a heart ailment that would eventually cause his premature death. Our family has no know history of heart disease so Danny’s medical care over the years never included a heart screening test that could have detected his heart disorder and prevented his senseless death.

      The awareness of undetected heart ailments Danny’s death brought to the community has already saved the life of another child. A female student athlete, experiencing discomfort, had a heart screening test done that revealed a heart condition that would have been fatal if it remained hidden. She no longer plays Lacrosse but should live a full life as a result of a $40 heart screening test.

      I hope by sharing my story with as many people as I can; no other child will die senselessly due to undetected heart ailments. In promoting this worthwhile cause, I have created a petition at change.org requesting the “Florida House of Representatives: Mandate ECG screenings for athletes involved in school sports programs”. Please help prevent other children for a senseless death by signing the petition. I extend my profound gratitude to all that help promote this cause. If I am successful in obtaining this legislation in Florida to save the lives of children, I will expand my effort to obtain legislation nationwide so no other child in America should ever die senselessly from this insidious problem.

      Most sincerely yours,
      Joseph Valenson

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