Simon’s Fund Initiatives

We are hard at work raising awareness about conditions that lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death in children. We take a very strategic approach to the issue . . . a DIRE approach.


The most effective way to prevent sudden cardiac from occurring is to discover the conditions before they strike. Our Protect This Heart Screenings provide free ECG exams for students. A medical history and physical exam is also included.  We also provide free ECG exams to newborns through our partnership with the Corrine Santerian Newborn Clinic at Abington Memorial Hospital. ERT and Mortara Instrument have been very instrumental in our screening program.


To change the standard of care, we need empirical evidence to show that heart conditions are prevalent and that screening is beneficial. This data doesn’t really exist . . . until now. HeartBytes is a national cardiac registry of seemingly healthy kids that is used by screenings organizations around the country. It streamlines the screening process, and gathers data for qualified researchers. This proprietary technology was built with the help and donations of some great companies: Pulse Infoframe, InfinittNA, DataMed and Amps LLC.


There is only one way to survive sudden cardiac arrest – defibrillation. The defibrillator, or AED device, shocks the heart back into its normal rhythm. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is also needed to keep the blood circulating throughout the body. Simon’s Fund educates students about CPR and places AED devices in youth facilities and schools. We recently launched GotAED, a crowdfunding site dedicated to getting AED devices into youth-related facilities. Check out our music video called Heartsavers, and learn about our Czech for Hearts program with the Philadelphia Flyers.


The primary warning sign of sudden cardiac arrest is fainting during exercise. If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone. By appearing in the national media, partnering with sports teams and figures, and passing the SCA Prevention Act, we are raising awareness among coaches, parents and students.

If you’d like to support Simon’s Fund in one of these initiatives, please contact us.